Mechanical Weighbridge

General Specification 

Lever Made From Gray Casting & M.S. Steels.

Made From M.S. Plate (12 Mm)

(Welded M.S. Strips On Top)

Bolted On M.S. Beam

Knife Edges & Bearings Made From EN-31 Alloy Steels
Index The Index Strip Is Suitably Inclined For Easy Reading.
Painting All Metal Parts Have Two Coats Of Good Bitumen Paints.
Steelyard The Notches Are Machine Cut And A Notch Protection Bar Is Provided By Locking Device.


Salient Features:

  • Strength         : Rugged Construction To Meet Any Kind Of User : Conditions
  • Safety Factor  : 1.5% Above Rated Weighing Capacity


Weighbridges Up T0 100 Mt Are Available On Requirement With All Sorts Of Customised Applications.

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